Horseback Riding Safety

Safety Standards at the M Diamond Ranch

Saddle Mounting DockWe take the safety of our guests as a serious responsibility and follow the safety precautions in the Equine Safety Manual provided to us by our liability insurance carrier. We want you to be comfortable riding at the M Diamond Ranch, especially if you are an inexperienced rider.

Our safety precautions include:

  • Each ride has a senior wrangler. A senior wrangler must be 21 years old or older. He is both First Aid and CPR certified and carries a first aid kit on his saddle, as well as a cell phone. There is always someone at the ranch to respond to a call for help.
  • Additional wranglers are assigned to the ride on a 1 to 6 rider ratio, unless there are many children or someone with special needs, in which case there are additional wranglers.
  • Riding instruction is given to the guests before they are mounted on their horses, because they pay better attention and are able to ask questions.
  • We use a mounting “dock” because it is safer for guests. All stirrups are adjusted to the proper length after the riders are on their horses.
  • Helmets are provided for all guests and required for kids and teens.
  • Bottled water is provided as a courtesy to all guests.
  • Halfway through the ride, the wranglers do a “cinch check” to make sure saddles are not slipping.

In addition, we follow the NOAA 30 second/30 minute storm policy, with signage posted, and do not send rides out when there is a possibility of thunder/lightning. We do not take rides our when our trails are muddy or slippery.

We want you to enjoy your ride at the M Diamond Ranch.